Saveyra need your permissions(like Media Access, Location Access and Notification Access) for your better experience.
Saveyra is currently available on Android and iOS platform and supports all devices above Android 4.1 and above iOS 9.
Yes, you don’t have to worry about your personal data. Your personal data is fully safe like a “Treasure of a King” with us.
Sorry to hear that, you can report a problem from the app itself or you can mail us your problem on support@saveyra.com . Steps to report a problem from the app:Go to Settings option in the app.Click on Report a problem option.Select the option from Purpose of message. Give the detailed description of your problem and click on Submit.Our support team will get back to you ASAP.

Your created avatar will be stored as a sticker in the Sticker section so that you can share your avatar with your friends and enjoy.
You can not change the gender directly, for changing the gender you have to reset the avatar. Go to Settings option and just click on Rest Avatar option. Now you can create your avatar according to your desire.
If you create avatar as a guest user, then your avatar will be saved temporarily. But if you save the avatar as a login user, then your avatar will be saved permanently.

We support almost all social messaging app. But if you face any problem in any application then please let us know here.
  1. Go to Settings option on your phone.
  2. Select Languages & input option, then select Virtual keyboard.
  3. Click on Manage keyboards.
  4. Enable Saveyra option.
  1. Go to Settings option on your phone.
  2. Select General option, then select Keyboard.
  3. Click on Keyboards option, then select Add New Keyboard....
  4. Select Saveyra option.
Saveyra keyboard supports English, Hindi and Hinglish languages. Our team is working on multiple language supported keyboard. Sounds Cool.Yaah?

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